The Special Deputy Receiver

          David F. Kustoff, Esq. has been appointed by the Commissioner as the Special Deputy Receiver.  The Special Deputy Receiver has all the powers of the Commissioner as Receiver to take action  he deems necessary or appropriate to rehabilitate, reform, and revitalize the Cemetery.  The Receiver is authorized to take exclusive custody, control and possession of all property, interests, accounts, assets, and liabilities owned by or on behalf of the Cemetery.  Thus, any and all correspondence with Galilee Memorial Gardens or entities doing business as the Cemetery must be directed to the Special Deputy Receiver.  Please refer to the contact information.

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Last updated: 8/22/16

The State Takes Action

‚ÄčGalilee Memorial Gardens  

For information on the current status of the cemetery and to view recent recommendations of the Receiver, please review the Ninth Interim Report of the Special Deputy Receiver by following the link below. 

       On February 14, 2014, the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance was appointed as Receiver of Galilee Memorial Gardens. According to the Order, the purpose of the receivership is:

  • To rehabilitate Galilee Cemetery if possible,
  • To ascertain and determine the true financial and operational condition of the Cemetery,
  • To determine whether the Cemetery can be reformed and rehabilitated, and
  • To determine whether any other remedial action may be necessary and appropriate.

      Consequently, ALL business operations of the Cemetery are suspended pending the completion of the investigation.